Switching to Avro with a Smart Meter

Meters And Readings

I have the First Generation Smart Meter (SMETS1)

Unfortunately if you have a SMETS1 Smart Meter the meter will lose it's Smart functionality upon switching to a new supplier.

We won't exchange a SMETS1 meter for a SMETS2 - instead it is planned SMETS1 meters will be remotely migrated into the new Smart Meter Network. We are awaiting updates from the Smart Meter Network Operator as to when these updates will be completed and its is expected to be completed by Summer 2021.

You don't need to do anything once your meter is migrated onto the networks we will arrange registration of the meter and will at this point be able to take readings from the meter remotely. Once this is completed you will then have Smart Functionality again whenever you switch energy supplier 

I have a Second Generation Smart Meter (SMETS2)

If you have a SMETS2 meter we will automatically register your meter through the Smart Metering Network and update your In Home Display. We will be able to take remote readings from your Smart Meter. This process will be completed within 14 days of your supply going live with us and you don't need to contact us to arrange this