Supply Point Numbers

Switching To Avro

When you first initiate a switch to Avro Energy, we will ask you to check your supply point numbers from your Welcome Pack email.

A supply point number is a number used by energy companies to uniquely identify your property's supply. You will be able to find them on a bill from your current energy supplier.


For electricity, this is called an MPAN - Meter Point Administration Number. You can find your electricity supply number / Meter Point Administration Number, (MPAN) on an existing statement from your current supplier. It is usually found in a small table or grid with two rows of numbers and a capital ‘S’ in the left hand column. The number we require is the bottom row of this table. If you are unable to locate this on your statement then you can contact your current supplier for this information.

We do not require the electricity meter serial number.


For gas, this is called an MPRN - Meter Point Reference Number (gas supply number). You can find your gas supply number on a statement, or you can call your current supplier to obtain this information. The gas serial number will be on the meter itself or on the bill.  

Please let us know if the details shown on our Welcome Pack are not correct straight away to ensure we switch your supply