Why have I been asked for a security deposit?


Before you can become an Avro Energy customer, we need to check your credit rating. This is also known as a credit score. We’re not the only energy supplier to do this — it’s common industry practice.

Why Do You Need To Check My Credit Rating?

The credit rating check process confirms:

  • That you actually live at the property you’re hoping to switch to Avro.
  • The previous addresses you may have occupied.
  • That you are who you say you are.
  • Your credit score.

Your details are secure — we don’t keep such sensitive information about potential customers on record.

What If I Don’t Pass During The Credit Rating Process?

If, for any reason, you fail to pass, this doesn’t mean you can’t be our customer. It does mean that we’ll have to ask you for a security deposit before we can welcome you to Avro Energy.

Remember: If you’ve already applied to become a customer and we require a security deposit, we’ll contact you.