Reading my Electricity Meter

Meters And Readings

There are a number of different kinds of electricity meter and you read them in slightly different ways.

Single Rate

Firstly, ignore the final number on the right. This might be shown in red or it might not. But, whatever colour it is, please ignore it. Then simply read the 5 numbers you can see from left to right. If the number starts with a zero, please include that zero. The reading above is therefore 04267 (ignoring the red 3).

Two Rate Meter

A two rate meter allows you to enter two different figures. This type of meter is used by customers on an economy tariff. The ‘Low’ rate is your night or economy rate. The ‘Normal’ rate is your day or standard rate. Again, ignore the last number on the right, which might be in red. Then just provide us with the 5 digit number from left to right. That means that the top reading here would be 75085 (ignoring the final number on the right). The bottom reading would be 48124 (again, ignoring the last number on the right).

Two Rate Single Display

Sometimes, meters showing two rates are digital and only have one display. Different types of this kind of meter work in different ways. You’ll see an identifier for the rate on the left hand side. This will usually be numerical — for example, rate 1 and rate 2. Rate 1 will be your low or night rate, rate 2 will be your normal or day rate. Either the display will change automatically every few seconds to show the two rates. Or you’ll need to press the small button on the meter to see the rate that isn’t currently showing. Then just read the number as it shows, including all the digits (although please exclude the rate identifier).

Dial Meter

Dial meters need to be read left to right. Each dial represents a number. Sometimes the pointers on the dials spin round in a clockwise direction, sometimes in an anti-clockwise direction. The reason for this is unknown, but they always pass 1, and then 2 and 3 etc, in turn. The number you’re looking for is the number the dial has just passed. So, if the pointer on the dial is between 1 and 2, the pointer has just passed 1 so you need to record number 1. Therefore the reading for the meter above is: 15659. Ignore the smaller dial underneath which is marked 110.